3 thoughts on “TACK SÅ MYCKET, SWEDEN!

  1. Wow. What a great group of photos. Do you get tired of me writing after every post? I don’t get tired of looking at the pictures and your descriptions – that’s for sure. I felt like you captured it and shared it well.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your newfound styles and artistic touches. Really.
    If you and I were sitting together looking at your pics, I would point out what I liked about each picture. But for now, my favorites were the dad stroking his daughter’s hair while sis sat nearby, the bride waving, and the dude near his bike checking his phone. I particularly liked the girl in the doorway in the background. It’s like you stopped that moment and caught it. I just liked it.
    I also liked the buildings – when the light shines in all the right places. Beauty.

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