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I think the most important aspect to Bogdan’s accessibility lies in his trainings. As a trainer for Google Suite For Education, his professional goal is to teach educators how to use online platforms to teach and learn efficiently. His personal mission is to create a shift in the minds of educators, students, and anyone else willing to learn.

Bogdan’s mission is to simply better the humans around him– to charge up people to be their best selves in the arenas of technology, health, and lifestyle choices. Personally, this is why he chooses to advocate for essential oils.

Why though? Bogdan was clear that he doesn’t sell oils but primarily focuses on informing and educating people about them. Through his background of chemistry, he wholeheartedly believes in their substitution of full reliance on doctors and medicine. He advocates for essential oils to inform the public simply about alternative possibilities to what has been created as the standard. Even beyond supporting the body in reaching a rejuvenated, healthy equilibrium, oils have household uses too.

Bogdan sat at his kitchen table to make fabric softener using essential oils. Inner me prepped myself to see the creation of an intricate potion– imagine my surprise when he pulls salt and a few oils from his shelf and stirs the two together with a wooden cooking spoon. The entire process of making the fabric softener took under three minutes, and contained none of the potion mixing and chemistry background I anticipated was needed. It was so simple, and so transparent.

Bogdan uses social media outlets to discuss essential oils, hosting scheduled live streams through Facebook. I can tell he knows how crucial an online presence is in correlation to his success as a budding social media coach, but I also can tell the reason he remains so active online is not to further himself professionally but to further everyone else personally. His genuinity for the wellbeing of others is selfless, rare, and the reason I knew I’d look forward to being able to write about him to further his cause.

“At the end of the day, that’s what I’m trying to do– start conversation.” Bogdan Copil

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  1. Sounds like such a pleasant young man! What an honor to interview him and cross paths for a time. Thanks for a peek into his life. Loved your pictures throughout this series as well.

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