Something I’m really thankful for in my time in Prague has been the amount of out-of-town fieldtrips my class has been taken on. This weekend we visited Kutna Hora, a quaint town with wonderful views of the valley below it and a many cathedrals to explore.

All our professor told us was that we were visiting a “bone church” there– a Roman catholic chapel with thousands and thousands of bones stored inside it, connected to the Cemetery Church of All Saints. We drive an hour out of Prague and the images below are of the church, called Sedlec Ossuary.

From there my class is herded like cattle to another Roman catholic church, St. Barbara’s church, built in the 1300’s. Lunch was next, then we were all rushed to our next tour which was probably one of my favorite things we’ve done in the Czech Republic– extensively exploring the oldest underground mine in Europe, complete with hard hats and cave jackets that looked suspiciously similar to lab coats. It was time really well spent. From there my class was rushed to another church, St. James I think, and I’m having trouble remembering because it’s no joke when I say my professor was hurrying us along like we had somewhere to be on this fabulous vacation that has come to be my life here in Prague. Either way, the town of Kutna Hora was quaint and welcoming and one day when I visit the Czech Republic again it’ll be a wonderful spot I’ll explore at my own pace.

One thought on “28/30 – BONE CHURCH

  1. Great visuals. I’ve never even heard of a church with bones in it like that! Wow.
    I can’t wait to hear how the places made you feel. I kinda felt like there would have been a lot of emotions when you put lives & personalities to those bones. Where did they go? What did they make of their lives? How did they die? Curiosities abound!

    I’d also like to hear/see more on that mine trip. What kind of mine?

    You made me laugh out loud with the caption of the guy “caught” looking at the bones! You are too funny!

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