A continuation.

Bogdan unlocked the door to his apartment and showed me to the kitchen. He wanted to know if I was interested in some fresh ginger lemonade, and if it was okay served sans ice cubes? Of course. As he cut and juiced the lemons, I looked around his flat and studied the eccentricities that were harmoniously creating a feeling of warmth. Essential oils paraphernalia, handwritten notes of thoughts and life plans taped onto the walls, plants of many types placed around- potted, vased, leafy, petaled room mates.

Beyond his schooling, discussions about health and dietary choices lead me to ask about Bogdan’s vegetarianism. He explains to me through research of diabetes and the cardiovascular system, and his father’s passing from lung cancer when Bogdan was 19, it was a decision made based on caring for himself personally to his fullest ability. Bogdan is also a natural runner whose first marathon in New York state was ran after a mere handful of practice runs due to a busy schedule. Along with running, going on walks is a favorite hobby of his, and sitting under the aromatic lilac and linden trees of Prague is particularly pleasing as it reminds him of the lilacs found at his grandparent’s home from his childhood.

Bogdan talks about the limbic system– how smells can trigger emotion subconsciously. His home is decorated with essential oils, but his passion for their ability surpasses their aromatic appeal.

-to be continued-